Online Registration

Young people please register with your parent/guardian. You need their details and payment when registering.

BEYOND 2019 Registration Agreement

CONSENT: By filling out this form and paying the fees I as the parent/caregiver give consent for my child to attend this event.

SAFETY: CYS may run activities which carry a risk of injury if carried out without due care or in disregard of instructions. Whilst all practicable steps will be taken to ensure your safety, CYS accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage to your property or person, whether arising through our negligence or otherwise. You agree to follow instructions given to you by leaders; Notify us of any hazard or potential hazard which you spot; Tell us if you cannot participate in any activity or there is anything (such as illness or injury) which may affect our decision to allow you to participate in any activity; Not do anything which may put yourself or others at risk of harm. Some activities take place away from the venue, if aged under 18 I (parent/guardian) give permission for my young person to participate in these. I am aware that my young person may be travelling in vehicles to the event if they travel with a youth group.

PRIVACY: I'm happy that personal information gathered for camp may be securely stored and used by CYS to promote other events from time to time and am happy with this provided an opt out option is available. I understand that images/video taken at BEYOND 19 may be used by CYS in a reasonable way from time to time.

REGISTRATIONS: Standard Fee: $10pp, online regos close Friday 29th November 5pm

I don't belong to a group to register with

Not a problem! Contact us by email or by phone 03 354 2181 and we will link you in with a group.

...My group doesn't show

If your group doesn't show in the next screen that means your youth leader hasn't registered your group yet, go hassle them to get it in!